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This All-Purpose Wheelchair (APW) gives new life and freedom!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people with walking disabilities by providing practical mobility for every day needs as well as greater access to the unpaved slope-filled world. At LOW & GO, we maintain these values so you can be confident in everything that carries our name.

LOW & GO’s innovative All Purpose Wheelchair offers variable seat height for increased safety, therapeutic benefits, and overall renewed freedom!

My life was changed forever after becoming a paraplegic due to a 20-foot fall in 1999," says Ed Johnson, Rogersville, Tenn." With a wife and two sons, and my faith, I overcame the depression and grasped the realization that I would never walk again. I directed my energies toward a full life with a new idea fueled by my frustration with the standard wheelchair design which limited my outside mobility." In 2006 the first prototype of the APW was finished. "The chair absolutely amazed me by what I could do while in it.

Tears filled the eyes of everyone looking on." In 2007 while looking for an investor, three position photos of my prototype were shown to Al Robinson, whose wife had been in a wheelchair for 12 years from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). He was convinced of its value in 90 seconds.

That same year, my co-inventor partner, Phil Brown, lost his leg above the knee in a motorcycle accident.

WE BOTH KNOW THE VALUE of this GREAT CHAIR and its indoor/outdoor features. 

In the spring of 2008, riding in a finished design APW, I killed my second wild turkey, and deer season wasn't far away. We believe this ground accessible chair, from sitting position to go kart position (or anywhere between) in 20 seconds will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and give you the safety and freedom you want and need in a wheelchair. Since approximately 60,000 wheelchair users in the USA alone, require emergency room treatment each year due to tip-over accidents and approximately 160 of those die, we promote this Anti Tip feature: safety for all users, whether paralyzed, an amputee, cerebral palsy, or other disability requiring a wheelchair need, young or old.

Imagine the advantages of being able to pick up your own "dropped item" with a push of a switch; to sit at the table for dinner and then turn, lower your chair and play with the kids at their level on the floor; to feel the sand at the beach; to motor through your own yard or the woods up to seven mph; to picking berries, flowers or vegetables in the garden; to simply just have some time alone without anyone worrying over you. FREEDOM! This APW is the first! It is one of a kind – the last chair you will ever need –practical indoor and awesome outdoor – powered by group 27 rechargeable batteries, good for a full day of constant use!